2 roosters RIR, and Araucana or Easter Egger. Southeast PA 20 wks

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    Jul 17, 2009
    Bucks County, PA
    I have 2 roos that haven't really crowed now and than until this weekend. They aren't really aggressive but I would like a hen only flock. The white roo is very pretty, as well as the RIR, quite filled out. They are young, and otherwise, they are going to be dinner! I thought someone would like them. I'm not sure which breed he is after looking at pictures of others EE's. A friend ordered them both as a chick (pullet) from one of the larger operations online and obviously...not a pullet. But neither of them are mixes.

    I'd be happy with an adoption, trade of some sort, etc. I will only do pickup and prefer it to be VERY soon.

    Sorry, I apparently don't have the option to edit the picture maybe one of the mods can fix it? Don't know why it is showing 3x
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