2 Rouen drakes need a good home-Colorado


May 24, 2017
We have too many drakes for our flock and need to re-home two of them. We've raised these guys with a lot of love and care and it's honestly kind of hard to let them go, but they need to find a better home before their hormones start kicking in. They are both nearly 10 weeks old, healthy, happy, and love to free range during the day. If you live in Weld County in Colorado and would like one or both for your flock or as pets please contact me ASAP!

Now some information about each of them:

The blue arrow is the one we call Maverick. He has had a nice green sheen developing on his head and tail feathers since he was about 6 weeks old and he's a very beautiful Rouen already. He is very active and loves the kiddie pools most of all of the ducks. He has absolutely no issues with taking food from your hands and loves to try and untie shoelaces.

The white arrow is the one we call Howard. He is a bit more shy than Maverick and tends to stand back a ways instead of being petted. He will eat from your hands, though. He also has some nice green sheen on his head but unlike Maverick his grey feathers are already coming in noticeably on his wings and little booty.
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