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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by lindylou47, May 26, 2012.

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    May 26, 2012
    Hello everyone.
    I am new to the boards and have at LEAST ONE [​IMG] question. I hope this doesnt sound silly, but how do you get (friendly) with these darlings? They are 4 weeks old now, and of course growing rapidly. They dont let any of us get too close. I dont want to scare them, so I pretty much just talk to them. I see pictures of people holding their ducks, and some even turning them into house pets! Do they get friendlier with age?
    Well, thats my first question, but i am sure i will have many more. I appreciate any input I can get.
    Thanks, Linda
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    Dec 23, 2011
    Welcome to the forums, Linda [​IMG]

    Ok, yours are only 4 weeks old; when I bought my first trio they were sexually mature and the girls were laying. I couldn't get nearer that 20 feet of them! Now? 2 months on and they will come within a foot of me but won't let me touch them; that's fine.

    Ducklings are a bit easier. Yours are only 4 weeks old so you have the advantage that you can, with a lot of patience on your part, "train" them into a routine and let them become very familiar with you.

    By "routine" I mean, the times you visit to feed them, talk to them, walk with them, put them to bed. They have to learn to a) trust you and b) realise that you are the "Giver-of-things": water, food, shelter and protection aka Head Duck!

    Taking mine out for a walk in the garden was the first route in getting my ducklings to trust me. Think about it, all my ducklings knew beforehand was their brooder pen; I take them out into the is big wide world of garden and they stuck to my heels like glue! [​IMG] Why? Because I was the *only* familiar thing there. Just move slowly, speak gently and be sensitive to the sounds your ducklings make because that is the key to whether they are stressed, happy, curious, scared, hungry or just "chatting".

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