2 Sebbie Goose eggs (+ extra if she lays 1)

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    I just got a 9 month old pair of Sebastopol Geese about a month ago. Yippee! She has laid 8 eggs already! She was sitting on one this am too, but I took it when she got up to eat. (I felt guilty, but I don't want any baby geese right now. Maybe soon.) This gal has laid fertile eggs from what her former owner has told me. She has babies developing now at different homes (those who got her first eggs laid this spring.) Sadie is a saddleback and Sammy is pure white. Both are curly breasted. They are 10 months old.
    So I'll ship 2 (and an extra if she lays more) in a Priority Flat Rate box- well protected and wrapped individually and well padded. If I have a cylinder (oatmeal? Nestle quik?) to put them in first, then put that into the box, I"ll do that again. I'll send you the delivery confirmation # so you can track it too. Shipping will be $11 to anywhere in the US (not Hawaii though.) These 2 eggs are from the May 3 and today May 6th. I'll ship out on Monday after the auction ends on Sunday afternoon and if Paypal payment is sent to me at [email protected] Priority shipping usually is 2-3 days, so the eggs would arrive on Wednesday, unless you live close by me. I've had eggs arrive the next day using Priority Mail.
    See my other pics here...Sammy and Sadie came from Hattricksilkies originally.
    See my babies??? He's so adorable and wants to protect her 24/7!
    2 Goose eggs on left, 1 large duck egg in center and 1 large chicken egg on right.

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