2 Serama/Dutch bantam cross cockerels super-tame pickup Pgh area

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    I have two serama/dutch bantam cross boys hatched Feb 21, who would make great pets for someone with kids or who would like a house bird. they are in a mixred flock currently and have also been hand-fed daily and carried around by the kids and me until they are very tame, so they would make perfect pets or be gentle roos for your flock.

    They have the sweet and friendly temperament of their serama mom, with the larger size of their Dutch sire, and they will do well in the winter with a heated coop or inside a house. Although they are mixed breed and cockerels I am charging a nominal price for these cutie-pies because I've invested a lot of time in getting them well-tamed and would like them to have a safe home where they'll continue to have respectful human caretakers.
    They are not yet crowing. Their hatch mates are three other cockerels, one pullet, from a hobby breeder's eggs.

    More pics First brother:
    Second brother in front, sunning. Less red mottling on second.

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