2 sick americauna's

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    Jul 16, 2014
    OK, so I am newer to chickens...I have 2 Americauna pullets that I have rescued and believe to be around 10-13 weeks...They are new to me...Now the crops on these two are HUGE and squishy (I thought they had tumors)...I am suspecting Cocci, and am treating it as such...I saw one pass a little blood in her poo and they both have diarrhea...one is very thin...so with swollen crops can I feed them? they ate when they first came to me, but have had nothing since I discovered the swollen crops...after I fed them when I first got them home and one looked like she was puking??...or do I treat them both like sour crop? cocci??...now if they have had medicated feed shouldn't they be immune? (although being told they ate that, I can't guarantee they actually were fed that)...I am hoping they pull through as they are both lovely little ladies...Are there other diseases I should suspect?...when can I feed them again as one is VERY thin...

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