2 sick chickens

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  1. Peep lePleaser

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    Aug 16, 2011
    I found my Barred roo in the corner of the coop around noon, with his head tucked under his wing. When I picked him up to see what was wrong, I found a foul smelling wound where his wing meets his body. On further inspection, his eyes are both crusty and matted up and he's very weak and sickly. So, worrier that I am, I started thinking maybe it's contagious. So I started checking other chickens. Sure enough, one of my EE's, although not yet weak or sickly, also has crusty, matted eyes. I use straw, and keep the coop clean. Have treated well for mites. They are free-range chickens, so whatever it is, I dont think they got it from IN the coop.
    Anyone have an idea what it might be and how to treat it??
  2. Justuschicks

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    Sep 19, 2010
    Keswick, Virginia
    Treat wound with an antibiotic ointment. As far as the eyes go, that sounds like some sort of infection as well. I would flush the eyes w/ saline and give them some oral antibiotics. I have also heard that you can put antibiotic ointment like neosporine in the eyes as well to treat infection.

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