2 Silver Phoenix, 2 Standard White Cochin Roosters

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  1. Laney

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    Mar 25, 2009
    Spring Hope, NC
    Need to rehome four roosters. Am going to specialize in Delaware's and Javas and am overloaded in Roosters.

    The Cochin's are very docile and sweet. They are hatchery stock, but are very cute anyway.

    The phoenix are also hatchery stock. They are a huge problem right now as the adolescent hormones from the Delaware Rooster have started them fighting. They have to go ASAP. Free to a non-eating home. I'll have to charge a fee to someone who is going to eat them just to ease my guilty conscience. Feel free to lie to me, but do it convincingly. (I have to tell my 14yo daughter where they are going).

    Phoenix do have injuries from the fighting. I have no way to pen them separately. I have also listed them on craigs list.

    Located in the Zebulon NC area.

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