2 Silverudd blue roosters(black) need rehoming. West Tennessee 38305


Apr 22, 2020
The thick end of the volunteer state.
I have 2 black Silverudd roosters I’m looking to rehome. They are not aggressive but once have pecked when stressed and cornered. They are roughly 8 weeks both are crowing. Ordered from green fire farm straight run and received 4 roos. I’m in Jackson Tn right on I40. They are free. Willing to drive a small piece to meet in exchange for a bag of feed or other poultry supplies. Must take both they are running mates.
E702F90F-5AE7-4FC0-AB10-8728C4B6749D.jpeg DC5B3839-A532-4C86-99AC-69CAE3AF5D4A.jpeg

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