2 trios of Adult 2008 hatch Orange Bobwhites

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    Aug 13, 2008
    I can't ship to these zip codes listed below, these are the first three numbers in your zip: 044, 046, 047, 148, 149, 307, 356-358, 373, 374, 544, 545, 590-593, 596-599, 620, 622-624, 628-631, 633, 634, 636-639, 648, 650-658, 712-716, 725-729, and 821..... I am sorry, but the post office will not let me ship out to those locations.

    Ok so if you are not one of those locations, or you want to do a local pickup then feel free to bid. The shipping which includes the box charge will be fixed at 50.00 anywhere to the lower 48. These birds are nice, healthy, free of parasites, and will make great breeders for next year. They were hatched in july-August of 2008 so they are just over a year old.

    Any questions please e-mail them to [email protected]
    I am going to start posting the following birds:
    Red Goldens(2 males and 2 hens)-2009 hatch,
    1 Reeves hen-2009hatch,
    1 ringneck hen-2008 hatch,
    1 Melanistic Mutant cock 2008 hatch,
    Buff Isabels(1 male and 4 hens)-2008 hatch,
    1 Buff Pheasant hen 2008 hatch.
    in quail:
    10 pairs of Jumbo brown Coturnix quail 9-12oz birds(will be laying in 2 weeks),
    10 pairs of Blue Faced/Red Breasted Button quails-2009 hatch(laying now),
    4 Blue Scaled quail-2008 hatch, Unsure of their sex,
    2 or 3(don't remember) Blue Scaled-2009 hatch,
    2 Trios of Gambel's quail 2008 hatch,
    10 Mexican Speckled bobwhite males-2008 hatch,
    roughly 12 Tennessee Red Bobwhites(5 are 2008 hatch, other 7 are 2009 hatch.

    that is all I remember for of off the top of my head, e-mail for prices, pics, or questions.
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    Aug 31, 2008
    Berkley , Ma.
    Do you still have these birds and what would you be looking for priices on the following birds

    Red Goldens(2 males and 2 hens)-2009 hatch,
    1 Reeves hen-2009hatch,
    1 ringneck hen-2008 hatch
    Buff Isabels(1 male and 4 hens)-2008 hatch,

    and do you have picture of them and what would be shipping be to 02779

    Email me at ; [email protected] or pm me

    Thanks alan

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