2 w/ crested black polish pullets to trade North Carolina

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    Sep 9, 2008
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    I want to trade my two polish pullets. There is Absolutely NOTHING wrong with them. They are just about laying age and should start just any day, really. They are beautys. They're just dumb. [​IMG]

    If for some reason I don't get out to lock all my chickens up right at dark and it happens to be raining, one of them (not both) will just STAY out in the rain. [​IMG] The other night she was out ALL NIGHT because I couldn't see her and thought I saw her in with the meaties. I felt sick the next morning when I saw her hunched over in some leaves trying to keep warm. You have to understand how many places we have for them to go...some get locked at night and some don't. There was no reason for her to be outside, in the open, all night, on the ground, exposed. [​IMG]

    I would have felt soooo bad had she been frozen because of that. [​IMG]
    Sooo...I'm wanting to trade Both
    pullets. I decided to keep the roo. He's turned into the Chicken Shack Dweller.

    I am interested in Dorkings, Jersey Giants, Buff Orpingtons, Australorp, & Ancona around the same age. I'm not interested in bantams.

    Again, the only reason I'm wanting to trade is because these are the daftest birds I have. Even my meaties know to find a roost or shelter at dark [​IMG]

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