2 week chicks & their new coop cage

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by sponytales, Jul 25, 2010.

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    My fancy bantam chicks are 2 weeks old and starting to out grow their brooder box, so I built them a larger wire and wood cage. It is 2'H X 2' W x 5' long. There are 24 chicks in all and had the first time outside in the new cage yesterday. I live in SE TX and it got soo hot, 100+ at 3:00, so I brought them back in under the air conditoner. Out again this am until noon and back in. Do you think I could make them sick with the temp changes? I wll put up a pix if I can figure out how.
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    Well, for their second week of life they should be kept at 85*-90*, and then for the third week 80*-85*, so they should be fine switching between the outside for some playtime and inside under their brooder light. I let mine out for an hour everyday in the shade when it's within a few degrees of the ideal for them. Mine are about 2.5 weeks old, and it was 82* when I let them out and 87* when they came back in. I kept their brooder at 93* their first week, 89* their second, and now it's kept at 83*.

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