2 week old chick and older chicks.


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Feb 9, 2016
I had only 1 chick survive hatching unfortunately. she is now 2 weeks old and was just moved to the big brooder out in the coop.

I want to get some companions for her while she grows.

What is my safest bet for age range?

are 4 week old chicks to old? I want to know the Age range before i go and pick some up. I DO NOT want her bullied that is my biggest fear!

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
I have added chicks that were 2 to 3 weeks old to chicks that were only a week old. That age difference was not to bad. I have not tried to add chicks that were more then 3 weeks old. I read that it can go badly because of the pecking order already getting set.

I think you may be ok if you are adding only a couple chicks and they will be in unfamiliar space. Your little one should do fine. Just keep an eye for any severe pecking. They will peck at each other just don't let it get to out of hand. A lot of folks will put a divider in the brooder so they can see and hear each other for a day or two before letting them get into pecking range.

Last year I added one that was 3 weeks old with 2 that were 3 days old to my chicks that were 2 weeks old and had no real issues. The oldest one did assert herself right away but it only lasted a few minutes. (named her Bossy Betty for it)
We mix 2-5 week olds almost every week and have zero problems unless space is getting tight. Even then, some just complain a lot for reasons unknown to everyone but them.

There may be some very minor pecking order issues at first, but they work out within minutes instead of days like older chickens. Just keep an eye out and make sure there is plenty of space for the smaller ones to hide if need be.

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