2 week old chick bloody poop

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  1. jburroughs

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    Feb 20, 2017
    Springville, Al

    I am so worried about their poop , I'm
    Ew to this and this looks so concerning to me
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    This may be a concern if your chicks are lethargic, not eating, or overall acting sick. If your chicks continue to act heathy, this is no cause for concern. If your chicks act sickly, they may have coccidios and you should medicate them with a medication available in feed stores called Corid. You should probably have a fecal test performed by a local vet to determine the purpose. Your chicks also may be shedding intestinal lining( a sign of coccidios). Your chicks could also have worms. I would clean out your brooder immediately. Could you please tell us how big the brooder is and how many chicks you have. Please keep us posted. I really hope that this helps. Good luck!
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    Agreed coccidiosis and other internal parasites can cause feces discolored by blood and tissue. But two weeks is very young and I wouldn't think enough time for a parasite to take hold and cause that. But what do I know :)

    Are you in the states? If so have you contacted your county extension office and asked what kind of disease/illnesses/parasites are common in your area? The extension office can also recommend local poultry veterinarians to provide hands on support.

    If the chicks seem happy, don't panic. But don't be complacent! Illnesses start small but can grow out of hand quickly, especially if they're contagious.

    Good luck! Keep us posted!
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    Hi [​IMG] Welcome To BYC

    It could be intestinal shedding, but here's my thoughts - If she were mine, I would treat for Coccidiosis. Treatment is with Corid - this can be found in the cattle section of your feed store.

    Corid dosage for Cocci is 1 1/2 teaspoons Corid powder per gallon or 2 teaspoons of 9.6% Corid liquid per gallon.
    Give for 5-7 days - make sure this is the ONLY water available during that time period. Mix a fresh batch at least once a day.

    After you finish treatment offer some poultry vitamins and probiotics/plain yogurt.

    Keep us posted.
  5. jburroughs

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    Feb 20, 2017
    Springville, Al
    Thanks so much I am headed to tractor supply to buy it now !
  6. jburroughs

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    Feb 20, 2017
    Springville, Al

    We are currently keeping them in our laundry room in a box we were going to move them to the coop this week with a heat lamp I change the newspaper and wash the water bucket out with soap and water every morning and change the water again at night. They are playful and I let them outside for several hours a day to roam while I am outside too. [​IMG]

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