2 week old chick with bump on the leg

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    My 2 week old EE chick has a bump on her leg at the joint right before it joins with the thy. We thought she had a slipped joint when we got her but she git better and now has developed a bump, iam hoping that its scar tissue but I am scared that it is a tumor developing from Merek's disease. If any one could put my mind at ease it would be great.
    The other leg does not have a bump like this leg.
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    She could have sprained her leg, but also chicks with slipped tendon can develop swelling at the hock joint. Mareks symptoms almost never occur in chicks that young. I would keep an eye on it, and if possible you could post a picture or two of her standing. Here is some reading about slipped tendon:

    chicks with a slipped tendon may stand this way
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    Yes i will post a pic if her as soon as i get home,but she does not stand crooked,but when she was littler she would flip over alot, but she quickly got over it. But iam just nervouse becuse the chicken that i had before got marreks so idk if they could get it or not.

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