2 week old chick with crush injury?

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    Feb 14, 2016
    I have a 2 week and 3 day old white Rock chick that got her head and/or neck stuck under a heavy pvc feeder and when I lifted the feeder and pulled her out I thought she was dead but she was still breathing and flapped a little. I took her out of the brooder and placed her on the floor and she didn't look good and I thought she was dying and actually contemplated putting her out of her misery but when I picked her up her neck seemed somewhat off but she opened her eyes.

    She didn't want to sit upright and wasn't interested in standing but started flapping when I picked her up in the air again. I brought her in the living room and offered her food and she has no interest in eating (white rocks only ever want to eat and she was starving minutes ago which is how she got herself stuck under the feeder).

    She keeps swallowing like we would if we had a bad taste or too much saliva and she sometimes has a raspy noise when she breathes so I kind of thought I was sadly just holding her and waiting for her to pass but it's been and hour and a half and she keeps falling asleep and waking up every time I move but only opens one eye. Still isn't interested in standing, just sits down if I put her down but flaps up a storm and grabs on with her feet.

    Does anyone have any advice or idea what damage is done? I hate the idea of having to put her down if she can be saved. I appreciate any ideas.

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