2 week old chick with impacted crop and clear, watery poo?


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This chick is one that my hen was raising. She left it early, so I brought it inside. It has a very large lump where its crop is, so I assume it is impacted crop. Anything I can do for it? Or should I just cull it?
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How is it acting?

It may have just over eat recently. Give it some time and see if it goes down. If not try giving the chick a couple drops of molasses.

it has been pretty fluffy looking, and the main reason I took it away was because it couldn't roost with her, and she wasn't making any effort to go down to it. Right now it is crying a lot, and the crop is hard. I don't have any molasses, but
I did read that vegetable or olive oil would work? It said to give a few drops and massage the crop? Could I do this on a chick?

Oh, and I mentioned not being able to roost because it was able to, then it was not able to, like it was to weak to fly up by mama?
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This happened to my EE last week, don't cull her, mine was fine the next day.
I gave her olive oil and plain yogurt, mixed together. Take out the chick starter for 12 hours, and just let her go crazy with the yogurt/oil mix.
Make sure she has plenty of water, and a few times over the next 12 hours GENTLY massage her crop.
My EE got irritated and would rub the huge crop with her beak, she rubbed all the feathers off the top, but she is doing great now.
I stopped letting them eat all they wanted, instead pulled the food out, and fed them a controlled amount on a tupperwear lid 3-4 times a day.

I hope yours feels better soon!
Right now, it is on pine shavings with the other chicks, should I take it out and keep it by itself? I'm wondering if it is eating the shavings, since it was outside with mama and not used to eating from a feeder.
Oh, and I did put some grit in the brooder, is that okay? Or would that make it worse? It is parakeet grit that I use for my buttons, and some starter grit mixed in.
Okay, I seperated the chick from the others, so I could watch it more closely. This morning, the crop wasn't as hard as it was yesterday, so that's good.

I was holding it, because it escaped the brooder. It decided to poo on me, but it was just like water? This is the first I have seen this, all the other poos have been 'normal'. The other times it has pooed, it has been brown, maybe a little 'thick'? Like it comes out looking like a worm, if that makes sense. It wasn't soft like the others, but all squigly looking. Gosh, I don't know, I know what I mean, just don't know how to say it

What would cause it to have watery poo? My son saw it and asked me why the chick peed on me?
Cecal poo is more watery than regular poo. Fright can cause them to emit the cecal poo; although they typically will have this type once a day. It also smells ...yuck. I would watch to make sure she has regular poo also. If she does, I would assume that it is cecal poo.

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