2 week old chicks and a broody hen?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by christwodog, Jun 17, 2017.

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    Jan 16, 2017
    I've got 4 2-week old chicks, getting ready to put them in the coop add-on as soon as they are 3 weeks old (it's very warm here, 90's during the day, 80's at night) and also have a broody hen. Should I put her with them when they go into the add-on? Would there be any benefit or would it be detrimental for either? She usually stays broody for a couple of weeks at a time, I was wondering if I gave her some chicks, eventhough they aren't newly hatched, would that affect the length of time that she likes to be broody? Thanks everyone.
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    Do not recommend "putting" the chicks with the broody UNLESS you separate them with a partition or wire cage. I've read you can "sneak" newly hatched chicks under a broody at night but still need to keep a close eye on them. Has she hatched/raised chicks in the past? I, myself wouldn't but then others are probably more experienced than me in this department.
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    She is unlikely to accept them. They definitely won't see her as mama.
    The chicks and hen imprint at hatching and the 2 to 3 days after.
    They won't know to listen to her or go to her for warmth/safety. She is likely to see them as intruders. Being broody makes hens more reactive to intruders.
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    They can go out now...but separated by wire from broody and other birds.

    Too bad you didn't give them to her when they were day olds,
    would have killed 2 birds with one stone... so to speak hahahaha!
  5. christwodog

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    Jan 16, 2017
    Yeah, I guess it was just bad timing, she just now decided to be broody a couple days ago. So I will stick with the original plan and put them in their separate enclosure. Thank you so much for the replies, it helps alot!

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