2 week old D'uccle Watery Eyes?


7 Years
Jul 13, 2012
I have a 2 week old D'Uccle who has watery eyes that are not clearing up. I had serious temp and humidity issues during incubation and other chicks has toe issues. I thought maybe it had something to do with hatching but it is not clearing up. It is clear fluid, most days I have to wipe the eyes but some days I do not. The chick is eating and drinking and seems otherwise healthy. No one else is having issues and the chicks poop looks normal. It is in a brooder with 2 more D'uccle and a americana chick. I have been using Vet RX but it does not seem to be helping. Any suggestions on what I can do for this little one? Is this something that will be chronic or an underlying bigger problem? I hatched these out with the intent to breed but if this is genetic I do not want to breed them. Any advice would be greatly appriciated! Thanks!

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