2 week old hurt chick (possibly leg, possibly ill)


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I have a baby chick, about 2 weeks old, who's injured. I noticed it last night, but thought she was just really tired - she was laying on the floor with one of her legs in front of her and the other in back. This morning I noticed she was the same way, I picked her up and fed her by hand. She was very hungry. So I don't think she's been to the feeder. I put her back down and she walked (oddly) a few steps before just laying back down.

I've separated her from the others, as I noticed a couple picked at her and even tried walking on top of her. But now I don't know what to do. I'll probably end up taking her to a vet - would they know what to do? - but thought I'd ask you guys as well.

Sorry for the less than decent image quality. As you can see, she's... I don't know... just not behaving normally. At one point she was laying on her side with both legs in front of her. She's also a lot smaller than the rest of the chicks, which makes me wonder if she's possibly ill, too. *sigh* :(
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I agree with that ^^
Happened to one of ours around a few weeks old and we gave her probiotics in her water (can be found at feed store). We had to dip her beak in the water several times a day for about three days, as she couldn't walk to it. Also separated her and kept a pile of feed right in front if her on a cloth.
We thought for sure she wasn't going to make it, but started getting on her feet again within a few days, then better and better. She is now a huge 18 week old hen :)
We continued putting the probiotics in the main water for a few weeks after that (fine for all of them to have) and I still put it in every once in a while.
Hope she improves!!
Thanks. Hopefully it's just the vitamin deficiency. If it's Marek's, how much do I have to worry about the other chicks? In the pdf it says it's highly contagious, and she was the runt of the litter, so I don't know if that put her at a disadvantage and the others don't have to worry, or maybe because of her size she is just the first to show symptoms.

We bought them when they were about 1 week. Is it normal for breeders to have the chicks vaccinated? Or could we possibly get the rest vaccinated? (Assuming/Hoping that it's not too late.)

@KAmama - Thanks. That's encouraging. :)
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Unfortunately it is a little late to vaccinate. Some can be immune. I'm not experienced with Mareks, but there is a lot of info out there and here on BYC. Hearing that she is the runt makes me feel like she just has some problem other than Mareks.
Ok. I'm more hopeful that she will get better. I'll be sure to update you guys in the next few days. Thank you so much.
Well, I just went to make sure she's eating and drinking, and I see this redish-brown stool:

I'm not positive, but is that blood in her stool? If so, what does it mean? If anything.
That does look like blood. Some stools will look like blood, but are just shed intestinal lining. Watch her others for blood. I would pick up some Corid liquid or powder (dose is 2 tsp liquid or 1 tsp powder in 1 gallon of water--I prefer liquid) just to have in stock in case it doses look like she has coccidiosis. They will look very ill, puffed up, inactive , and not interested in food. Diarrhea, sometimes blood in the stool. When they are on Corid you cannot give vitamins until it is finished.
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She does have an appetite and does move around (it's just difficult for her to walk correctly). She's not entirely able to get to her food, so I go in and hand feed her often. But I'll get some just in case. Could I feed her the vitamins until she shows symptoms?
That's what I would do at this point, personally. Make sure she's able to get plenty of water too, as they can get dehydrated quickly.
Good luck, and I hope for the best!

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