2 week old naked neck peeps sneezing

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    May 1, 2011
    I have two 2 week old naked neck peeps sneezing. They were outside yesterday for about 40 minutes in the warm sun. There was no breeze to speak of and they did not, at any time, act chilled. I brought them in and they were acting perfectly normal. Later last night, I noticed the first sneezing. I checked him out and he did not have any signs of a runny nose, eyes or any other symptoms except for the sneezing. I gave them some apple cider vinegar in their water for the night. Although the first was still sneezing this morning, it is acting perfectly normal. It is eating, drinking, scratching and trying to fly just like always. Now, one of it's 'room' mates is also starting to sneeze. Again, there is no discharge and they are both acting normal. However, I am now becoming even more concerned since two of them are sneezing. Any thoughts, suggestions? I don't want to panic over nothing. Any help at all would be appreciated! I could just be an overly concerned mama hen!
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    Wish I could help mama [​IMG] Maybe someone on here will be able to help this morning! [​IMG]

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