2-week-old Polish appears to have pneumonia

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    I just started my chicken adventure last week, after many months of dreaming, and it seems I'm already in need of help from the forum.

    The sick chick is a frizzle buff bearded Polish (with no bony head ornament, just a poof) I purchased from a local breeder two days ago. She is about two weeks old. I got her and a frizzled blue splash Cochin together from this breeder, and one BR and two BO's from a trustworthy local feed store.

    Yesterday I noticed that the Polish was drooping her wings a bit, and though I was a bit worried, I thought this might be just another aspect of the peculiar look of this bird (she looks to me like a strange bedraggled sparrow rather than a baby chicken).

    Tonight things declined. I noticed that she was sleeping a lot, and upon investigating found that she was not reacting at all to my hand in the cage, but instead was entirely too lethargic to get up. My husband noticed that the her legs have a bluish tint, and found that he could hear a click when she breathes. This is our first experience with chickens, but from our experience with other creatures, we think that she has pneumonia.

    I am keeping the chicks in a 3' by 4' brooder that we made from a shipping container my husband had built to move our snakes across the country when we moved this summer. Essentially, the bottom half is a plywood box, and the top half is a wood frame stretched with hardware cloth. We have a heat light to one side so that they can regulate their temperature. The chicks are on pine shavings that I have been changing daily, and I've been feeding them medicated chick crumble.

    After gleaning information from previous posts, we started by giving her sugar water, and I picked up some gatorade that I will give her overnight. We have also given her a little yogurt.

    Which antibiotic should we put her on?
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