2 week old Rooster, very big feet

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Mar 8, 2014
Buff Orphington Boy can this boy eat,,,,and the feet on him,,, WOW,,,,he is going to be a big boy. I have the food ( Med. Chick Start ) out and the chicks eat all they want, But,,, I have caught this guy several times wanting to eat poo. I change the litter every other day. So I don't know if he is board, hungry or not getting enough protein.
I do have scratch and peck grower for the month old Australorps. I am wondering if this guy needs a little of this??????????????
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Might be a very good idea. Is he on layer? It's not the highest protein, besides being full of caalcium, of course. Cocks have lived on layer for generations, but let's face it, it's not the ideal feed for them.
"Wanting to eat poo"... I know with dogs, they eat poo when their gut flora is out of balance and they need to increase their beneficial bacteria quickly. This may be the case with your chick. Try offering plain yogurt (with active cultures, of course); if this is indeed the case, after a few days of having some yogurt, the poo-eating should stop.

I take it the "med. chick starter" means medicated? DEFINITELY give yogurt and switch to non-medicated! Antibiotics aren't selective - they're also killing off all the good bacteria that your chick needs to be healthy.
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No, Purina med. chick start.
I think I will give him some of the scratch - N - Peck grower with grit,
That is a very nice looking Buff you have there. A stately stance you have captured with your camera as well. Looks like the problem you had prior has been solved. Nice looking birds for sure.
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