2 week old silkie chick walking in circles

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    Sep 15, 2011
    So that's the problem: 2 week old silkie chick walking in circles. The other 8 silkies hatched with it are fine. They are in brooder on pine shavings eating medicated chick feed only. I actually started giving them vitamins about a week ago, just because I thought vitamins would be a good idea. It's just the vitamin/electrolyte stuff you can get from Agway. I haven't given them anything else. I have read potential causes could be vitamin deficiency, especially thiamine when on medicated feed due to the amprolium. Or it could be neurological predisposition due to the vaulted skulls silkies have.

    The chick is not lethargic and appears to be eating and drinking. It just walks in circles. Any and all thoughts / experience helpful!!

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    Yes, Silkies are very prone to brain injuries because of the vaulted skull.
    Is the chick near any older ones that may have given him a peck?
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    Maybe try giving her a couple of drops of polyvisol with no iron..
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    Sep 15, 2011
    Thanks for the replies... she is in a brooder box with only other chicks of the same age or a few days younger. It is not crowded... they have lots of space. It is plenty warm, too. She is not doing it all the time, just sometimes. She does have a funny movement of her head that I can pick out, but I don't think anyone else would be able to.

    I am not sure where I will aquire prednisone, but I might have some resources...

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    I had a silkie chick last spring that had this very strange head "twisting" movement.She didn't do it all the time but quite often throughout the day. I honestly thought she would die, but she didn't. She lives in the backyard to this day with everyone else and seems fine.She stopped the head movements after a few weeks, I think and has not done it since.I also used vitamin/electrolyte in the water. good luck :)
  7. Are they your own chicks? If not and you got the eggs from someone else, I would think possible in-breeding. If they are your hen's eggs I would think it would have to do with some sort of head injury or brain damage.

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