2 week old unsexed Chicks and 6 week old sexed Started Birds


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Jul 19, 2011
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We are taking pre orders for 2 week old unsexed chicks and six week old sexed started birds for the following breeds:

50% English Lavender Orpingtons (100% English roo over 6th Generation Hink hens)
2 week old unsexed chick= $8.00
6 week old pullet=$20.00
6 week old trio(one male,two female)=$50.00

German Line New Hampshires
2 week old unsexed chicks=$5.00
6 week old pullet=$12.00
6 week old trio=$30.00

Buff Silkies
2 week old unsexed chicks=$4.00

100%Cottage Hills line French Black Copper Marans
2 week old unsexed chicks=$6.00
6 week old pullet=$12.00
6 week old trio=$30.00

Silver Laced Polish
2 week old unsexed chicks=$4.00
Shipping will cost 7.95 per horizon box plus exact expressmail postage. a box will hold 10-12 two week olds or one trio of six week olds. If interested in ordering please email me at [email protected].
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Mar 10, 2016
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Hi! I'm looking for a few different breeds and I was hoping that you could help! I'm looking for light Sussex, copper Maran, blue laced red Wyandotte, and a lavender orphington or a cream Americana. I have a small back yard flock and would like to add some variety. I don't mind buying chicks. Thanks so much! Samantha.

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