2 weeks of pellet bedding so far

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    I LOVE it! Thanks to a thread I read 3 weeks ago here in the duck forum- I went out and got some! We cleaned the coop. I laid tarps down (don't like muck on the bare floor). Then a nice fat layer of Sweet PDZ. Then for my approx 10x10 coop we used 6 bags of horse wood pellet bedding. I set up our 3 totes (they are the nesting boxes) and stuffed them full of pine shavings. We have 14 ducks and 2 geese that share the coop at night.

    2 weeks later it still barely has an odor at all. Like BARELY. Now the ducks mostly have begun laying in the nest boxes (yay!!) and the eggs are not covered in duck poo goo hiding in the soiled stinky hay randomly all over the coop. In the 2 weeks I have added 1 bag. That's it. It is pricier than hay for sure. But it simply does not compare with odor control or even moisture control. This stuff breaks down into sawdust and actually absorbs. The hay...it just oozed between the straw pieces and and was really stinky.

    Now when my mil walks her dogs and passes the coop she smells nothing. Before she would get a little swept away by the smell.

    Anyway- I thought I would share my update. The ducks were REALLY wigged out the first 2 days. But settled down quickly. To keep them from dragging pellets out with them when we let them out- we put pavers inside the coop in front of the door. They step up, then down and it keeps the pellets in the coop.

    If you have been thinking about it- just try it! Worse case you don't like it. But honestly- for smell and moisture control- it's the bomb!
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    So glad you are liking the results. They are great.

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