2 weeks old chicks working the pecking order?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by vfem, Jun 22, 2010.

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    I have what appears to be 3 roos and maybe even a 4th from my 9 chicks. They are all in a brooder with what I assume is plenty of space until they can be moved outside. When the 'maybe' roos are just jumping and tumbling and beating on each other... and beating the potential pullets too. Isn't it a bit early for them to worried about who's in charge when they still sleep in a heap in the corner? Or, is it a male thing, and they are really are just being rambunctous boys?
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    What kind are?

    Are you using a red light in your brooder?

    Often from mere boredom they will begin to peck at each other. Those doing the pecking can be cockerels or pullets. Aggression at this age is no indicator of sex.
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    Oh the are hopping full thrust at each other, pecking at eyes... ect. They did the nosey pecking thing like, "what is that dot on your feather?" kinda thing. We're way past that. They are Japanese Bantams. I don't have a red light as the red bulb burnt out, but they don't have the light on all the time. I give them a few hours in the morning and evening when it is off so they can sleep in the dark.
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    Pecking order jousts are normal between cockerels and pullets. If they aren't drawing blood best to let them sort it out IMO.
    The pecking order should be up and running fine by the time they are around six weeks old. The pullets will have their own pecking order, of which the cockerels will be a part, plus the cockerels will have a seperate pecking order between just the males.
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    Gritsar is right. It's funny to see them all having their playground fights but it's all very important. We have 70+ Japanese Bantams and all hell breaks loose if someone dares to roost in a higher ranking roosting spot.

    Just keep an eye out (seriously - no pun intended) for them becoming overly aggressive, we've got quite few 'one eye' chickens who have come off worse from these playful antics. As they sort out their pecking order they form groups, those groups then sort out pecking orders between groups and within the groups. Normally the groups as based on clutches but we have so many going off at the same time chicks mix and match with their mums, sometimes one chick doesn't seem to get into a group, then it ends up with all the chicks dominating it and it often comes off the worse for wear.

    Later, you'll find the definite cockerels do the 'staring, head on, into each others eyes until one makes the first move - that's a hoot to watch'

    What color are they, do you know?

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