2 White Broadbreasted Turkey hens, 1 yrs old~proven or for Xmas dinner

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    Feb 21, 2010
    I have available 2 White BroadBreasted Turkey hens, 1 yrs old now... if you want a good turkey for Xmas Dinner...here ya go! These free ranged with my heritage turkey, would be better then store bought commercial birds! Or...you can keep them as proven layer/breeder, and produce more turkey chicks next season. These girls laid and wanted to set often all summer long! We did get chicks from them, with my proven good white broadbreasted Tom. I kept the best tom without leg/foot issues, and they did breed naturally...did not require AI. He is long since gone...so i have only the 2 hens left now out of 4. I just decided to do only Heritage turkey in the future, and need to cut back on mouths to feed here for winter. Local Pickup, or can meet within reasonable distance. $30 each, with option to buy both hens. If you would like to see pics of them, just PM me. I do baby these hens, since they are nonflyers and cannot roost with rest of turkey...so each night i walk them into the barn for their protection. They are very nice girls...just as friendly and sweet as my other turkey.

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