2 wk chicks - bloody poo


13 Years
Aug 9, 2008
I've got 4 standard chicks(2 EE's 1 Barred Rock, & 1 Cali Grey**a leghorn & barred rock combo***), purchased from a Family Farm & home, I asked them a few years ago and they order from a MI hatchery.

I cleaned out their brooding place today and noticed some runny poo and a few bloody spots. So I checked their Cloaca's(pooers) for blockages. 1(an EE) had some build-up, so I used some warm water and cleaned it off. It wasn't blocked just sticking to feathers(starter soft feathers) just below the Cloaca. Also, had it separated from the flock, was going to all night/weekend, but just went to check on the other 3 and found some fresh poo with some blood in it, so whatever it is seems to be affecting multi chicks. So have them all together again at the moment. The 1 EE seems to have worse bloody poo than the rest(other one?)?

Had them on regular water for a couple of days but for atleast a week I had some Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in w/water(my second flock of chicks).

They have only had chick starter feed except 1 ant happened to be hangin around the brooder while I was visiting with them so I tossed it in earlier in the week. If I recall properly the same chick who ate the aunt seems to be the one with the worse case of bloody poo.

I've not really noticed any "odd" behavior, but I have a 4 month old son so Ive not exactly been spending all my time with the chicks either...

Chicks have been in pine shaving bedding.

Here are some pix from my not so awesome camera:

The bloody poo I found when checking on the other 3:

Bloody poo just before EE left isolation:


Medicated starter doesn't always take care of it. The dosage in starter is fairly low, I believe the idea is for them to get exposed but not overwelmed with the protozoa, but sometimes they still need a round of corrid when it gets out of control. Since you're seeing blood in the stool I'd at least get some corid to have on hand. If they were mine I'd treat them now, but you could watch them closely and treat if you see them start to get hunched up and/or lethargic.

The pictures are pretty blurry though so since you're feeding medicated I suppose it could be something else. Could anyone else have been feeding them any red treats like strawberries or tomatos? Sometimes that will change to color of their poo and make it look like there is blood.....My kids (especially the youngest) was a great one for sneaking the chicks "treats" I had to start giving chick grit to them as soon as they went into the brooder just to be safe.
I would not give them apple cider vinegar...too young. Just get some Corid...I use 1 teaspoon to a quart of water. If the chicks seem puffed up and lethargic then you've definitely got cocci. Give them Corid. Stop the ACV.
Ok where do I get some corid? At the local farm supply store? I have 3 near me.

Nobody else feeding them, cept wife; only one lad who can't crawl yet.

Thanks everyone!
Yes! Call ahead and see if they have it. It's a white bag w/ red writing (mine is anyway)....a powder you mix with fresh water.
I'd call around to your local feed stores before driving over. Depending on your area Corid can be hard to find. One of the feed stores in my area carries it but the other doesn't and I've seen many threads where people have had to order it online. Sulmet is also supposed to work pretty well and is often easier to find, but I've never used it so don't have any first hand information.
ET, Where in Mich. are you from? I was born and raised in Grand Haven...right on Lake Michigan...other cities close were Grand Rapids, Holland. Let us know if you find Corid....probably won't know until Monday.

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