2 wk old chick with loose stool?

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  1. Hansen4211

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    I have a chick that seems a little lethargic and has a very loose snotty looking stool. Is this something that I should be concerned about? The other ones with it are all doing well.

  2. Mahonri

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    If it's lethargic, it could have an infection.

    The lose stool is not always an indication of sickness, but the lethargy is and you need to take corrective action soon.

    Be certain to get some polyvisol or other liquid vitamins in it and dilute antibiotic if possible.

    Then wait and watch. It's always hard with chicks because sometimes, it's natures way of making certain we have the strongest possible birds in our flocks to carry on.

    Good luck and my God bless.
  3. Hansen4211

    Hansen4211 Chirping

    Im still trying to decide if its lethargy or not. Its the runt and its just never been quite as active as the others.

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