2 wk old chicks have to be inside?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kathyinmo, May 18, 2009.

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    We have a large shed like building. Is it ok to put 2 wk old chicks in there with heat lights on? The building is (naturally) outside. I live in Missouri. Weather in the 70s - 80s. I am new, and have 44 new chicks (Americaunas, Red Sex Link, Black Sex Link, Rhodle Island Reds, Buff Orphingtons, 5 Polish Crested). Appreciate your feedback.

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    The chicks can do fine in a draft free shed provided you can keep the temp. to what is required per their age; 90 to 95 the first week, decreasing by 5 degrees a week. You may want to consider creating a smaller space, a brooder, within the shed to keep them close to the heat lamps.
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    I have a similar shed type building that I use for chicks. 2 weeks old is about the youngest I will put them out there. I use a brooder light with a 250 watt bulb in it. My chicks have done fine. We had a couple of nights that dipped into the low 40's. I just added another light to raise the temp.
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    they will be fine with a heat lamp until they are fully feathered.
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    thanks so much for the quick response. Much appreciated!
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    [​IMG] Welcome to BYC!!! [​IMG]

    Make sure that you can protect your chicks from predators!!

    Good Luck!

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    [​IMG] from Hereford AZ! Your chicks will be fine as long as the temp stays warm!!!![​IMG]

  8. babychicks#44

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    yes it is ok. but keep the heat lamp on them untill they r 6 weeks old.[​IMG]

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