2 year old Black Silkie Rooster

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    Oct 22, 2011
    For 2 years my surrounding neighbors have been very accommodating in regard to "Rooster's" early wake up crows.
    Recently I have found items throw over into my yard and most recently my coop has been "egged".
    Fearful that whom ever is doing this may get more agressive and actual hurt my rooster. I think it may be time to find my rooster a more rooster friendly home.
    I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and would appreciate any leads on where I might find a good home for "Rooster"
    He has been raised free range and even though he act like although guy when he is hand feed treats he is very gentle and allow me to pet him.
    It is a tough decision to find him a new home but I would hate if he got hurt.
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