2 Year Old Isaa Brown. il.

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    May 25, 2010
    Hello Folks, long time surfer; first time poster.

    I was on for a while this morning and again this evening (720pm in Sydney Australia) as i have a crook chook.

    She is one of 4 in a backyard coop, fed scraps from the table and also layer pellets and some scracth mix. Tap Water.

    She has been listless fro a few days (late out of the coop) and a noticeable droop on the comp, also molting a few days ago..

    The weather has turned colder her now and i thought this was molting, but tonight she was the only one of 4 that did not head up to the roosting pole....we have a problem.

    Runny green / white / crown stools.

    All (BYC inspired) diagnosis appears to lead to Coccidiosis however it seems to be a recurring train of comment that this only happens in younger hens and chooks (question?).

    if it appears to be Coccidiosis from the gathered brains trust, then im off to the pet store for some meds, but if i can self admister (vinegar / yoghurt / sour milk etc tec - Question) then i will get on to it now.

    have not "felt teh crop"to see if anything is there either.

    so ANY and ALL suggestions humbly accepted. she is still in with the others as well - so guidance there appreciated.

    Thanks team - for everything thus far, not just replies to this post.

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    Jan 19, 2009
    new zealand
    keep it warm, check the keel for meat, if there's none then you'll need to feed it a bit more higher protein feed. No meat + cold weather = no energy = listless chook.

    count worm as one possibility as well.
  3. cubbycoop

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    May 25, 2010
    kIA-ORA my fine kiwichookkeeper!

    Alas i think not that, plenty of warm places in the coop and feed seems OK.

    More info (afterthoughts). I do not know how old she is (Scrap the 2 yr old bit) this was a lost soul that we adopted. she may be more like 3.

    laying eggs up until yesterday, the kids collected the eggs and hence i dunno whether she was a layer today...

    i will put some magic wormer in the water tomorrow morning anyway. Someone mentioned garlic in the water for worms. (question?)

    thanks again
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