2 Year Old RIR With Distended Abdomen and Increased Respirations

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    Hi All, looking for some help here. I have a two year old RIR who is acting lethargic and abnormal. She did not want to leave her roosting bar this morning to free range so I took a look at her. She has increased respirations, a distended abdomen (feels like it's filled with air), and lots of crusty poop around her vent. She hasn't laid an egg in at least a week but neither have 6 of the 7 other chickens we have. I do not feel any egg or other mass in her abdomen, just air. I filled a sink with warm water and had her sit in it for 20 minutes to help clean off her vent area. I gently inserted a finger in her vent and could not feel any egg blockage... just air with some poop. She is obviously uncomfortable so I'm not sure what is wrong. She has free access to fresh water and crumble feed as well as our backyard for free-ranging. She does not get any calcium supplements but I just refilled the bowl of oyster shells.

    Any ideas on what might be wrong with her and/or how I can help her? Just not sure she's egg bound because she's so young and I don't feel any egg in her abdomen area (though I didn't press that deeply because I'm sure her abdomen is very painful). She is currently back on her roost (where I have turned on the heat lamp) but has spent some time today free ranging in the yard.
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