2 year old roo lost his crow (among other things)

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    My alpha rooster is a 2 year old black copper maran. About 2 weeks ago I noticed he wasn't crowing anymore, and then he started sitting in the middle of the yard during the day just sleeping. I went and picked him up (now I know he is sick - he hates my guts) and he had lost weight. He was drinking a lot of water, but not eating. He did have some mites. I treated him with ivermec (and the whole flock) He is eating again and skipping after me. BUT he lost his crow. He tried to crow for the first time today and not much came out.

    He never had a runny nose or eyes. Just lack of energy and very thirsty.

    No one else is sick nor did anyone else have mites. I did find a round worm from the battery hen we got the same day he started acting sick.

    Any ideas what could be wrong with him?

    Yes I know the hens should have been quaranteened - but my husband kept putting them with the flock [​IMG]

    I think he has learned his lesson. But Tank the roo started acting sick the same day I got them so I don't think they gave him anything.
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    How is Tank doing? I hope he has found his crow and is back to his normal self.
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    Wet avian pox can cause a rooster to lose his crow, but you probably would have noticed the pox. I had a rooster that stopped crowing a week before he died. He died of very severe anemia due to nocturnal mites. The ivermec works for mites. Hopefully he just needs some time to recover fully and will get his voice back. A supplement in the water might be a good idea.

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