2 Year Old Wyandotte stop laying?


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May 21, 2014
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I have a 2 year old golden laced wyandotte who's always been the top of the pecking order and has been consistently laying like a champ even through the winter. There are 38 birds total and she's one of only 3 that are laying hens as the rest are only about 18 weeks old. About a week ago, she just stopped laying altogether. The only thing that's changed in their daily routine in the last 4 months is I switched everyone over from chick feed to layer feed. I've kept feeding free choice oyster shell and they get a daily ration of scratch grains as well. She doesn't seem lethargic or acting out of the ordinary. She drinks normally, eats just fine, and doesn't seem to be waddling or any other symptom that might indicate that she's egg bound. I also don't believe she's molting yet as she doesn't appear to be losing any feathers.

Anyone got any ideas or should I just let her be and see if she starts laying again? My other 2 polish girls are laying daily.

Thanks in advance.


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You have to take into account her age, winter time is approaching, decrease in temps and daylight hours as well as the approaching time for molt. Loss or decrease of egg production is to be expected.

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