2 years of waiting I got my Nene geese! Whoohoo


8 Years
Jun 10, 2014
Tennessee Ya'll
After being on a wait list for 2 years I was able to purchase juvenile pair this year :wee

During this time, I did a bunch of research and learned a few things about legal sales of protected migratory waterfowl and thought I would share.

Anything listed on the US Fish + Wildlife Service page as protected requires a federal permit to sell. Captive hatched birds must be permanently identified by either a seamless leg band, pinioning, removing a hind toe on the right foot, banding or tattoo.

The seller should provide you with a federal form 3-186 which states they bred the bird and transferred it to you. They need to file their sales reports yearly.

The Nene is critically endangered, it cannot legally be sold across state lines.

You can own them without a permit, but if you plan to sell them, you must have the permit.

I will be applying for a federal permit but no huge rush since they will not be of age to breed for another year. I am also NPIP so my birds will be tested.

This was one of my bucket list birds and I am sooo excited!

T bucket list no logo.jpg female1.jpg pair1.jpg pair3.jpg

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