2 yo Barred Rock Really Puffed Up Sunken Neck Lethargic Not Moving Much

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    Jul 13, 2013
    Hello. When I woke up this AM to go feed our little flock of lovely ladies, I noticed one of our 2 yo female barred rocks was REALLY puffed out, laying down by herself outside, not eating, with her neck sunken into her body and moving very, very slowly as if she isn't feeling well at all. She will hardly open her eyes, and seems very lethargic. It is a cooler, windier day today, but nothing from the norm. She does have a lot of poop hanging below her vent, but doesn't look like it's damaged or anything, she wont let me get close to her to pick her up. I am afraid whatever she has she will spread to the others. Thoughts?
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    Nov 30, 2007
    emmet MI
    Try to monitor her today, poop, eating, drinking ect. Tonight, get her at dusk and bring her in. Give her a total physical. Look at vent, do exam for egg bound. Check crop for impaction or sourness(see if she has bad breath) Look down her throat for lesions, mucous, ect Look at eyes and nostrils for weeping and running. Look at comb and face for crusty stuff and scabs or blisters. Smell her for infection about the head. Look at legs for paralysis, bumble foot, injuries. Check through all feathers for bruising and parasites. Look at poops for consistency, blood, undigested food, parasites. Listen to breathing for rattles, rails, wheezing, congestion, labored. Let us know what you find so we can begin to help you. [​IMG]

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