2 yr old hens not laying in Michigan


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Any reason why my girls would suddenly stop laying? I'm getting about 2 eggs a week!
Yes, I have an idea. At 2 years of age, your birds are entering their second autumn. They will molt soon. You'll see lots of feathers around the coop and run.
If they don't molt in their first autumn, they will do so in their second autumn and each thereafter. Molt is accompanied by a dearth of eggs and it can last for a couple months or until after winter solstice. Each winter, given the same conditions, the break will last longer and longer.
Depending your latitude, in Michigan your days are now almost 3 hours shorter than they were at summer solstice. That is a signal for most species to shut down production.
It is also a clue in future years to start hoarding eggs toward the end of summer so you won't have to buy store eggs.
Don't despair. After days start getting longer, they'll resume laying like gangbusters.
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