2 yr old silkie hen twitching head & limping

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  1. Jarsheart

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    Jun 27, 2010
    I have 5 silkie hens and one rooster housed together in a wooden hen house with shavings, and a ladder that goes down into the fully wired run. The bottom is covered with dirt. I had been feeding a mixture of scratch, chick starter and oyster shell. I was told that chick starter has more nutrients, which is why I am feeding that to adult chickens. After reading posts here, I stopped the scratch all together, feeding the chick starter only, and added vita mate to the water for the past week. It is very hot here. The head twitching has improved, but the hen is not able to support her weight on her right leg. Her leg and foot look fine, no injuries, swelling or infections are visible. She does not curl or move her toes on the affected side. I was told to give her some time, that she may have hurt herself jumping out of the hen house into the run. But it has been over 1 week with no improvement. I have heard of bobble head, but am not sure of what exactly that is. Would it affect her leg ? Any advice appreciated.

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