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    1st ? my Phoenix is about 6 months old and today she laid her egg and now has been sitting on it along with Lillys egg for about 4 hours now and i go near her she screams at me and when I tred to get the egg let me just say I have 3 red marks on my hand where she let me know they are her eggs and ant going to let me have them. Is she to young to go broody? she also keeps adjusting the eggs about every 10 min or so.

    2nd when she does lay eggs and some times just out of the blue the end of her (omg I for got what ist called) red thingy on her head the tips turn dark color is this normal

    see pic below what do you think





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    It's called a comb not sure about the comb turning dark but if she seems ok I'm sure she is and about going broody they can their first time laying I have not had one go broody but have asked about it and there is really nothing you can do except lock her up for a while but I don't see myself locking up my hens and she will steel other hens eggs if you take them all she will squack until she gets another egg or somebody told me you can give her golf balls until the eggs hatch if you incubete them and then in 21 days put the chicks under her but I think you should just give her the eggs and use a hand mitt to get them out from under her if you don't want her to have them but she is gonna let you know they are hers and she wants them back so good luck

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