20+ Assorted Coturnix Hatching eggs *pictures* PA

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    Colors will include Golden, A & M, Dark Tibetan over White Capped Golden, and Jumbo brown. $20 which INCLUDES SHIPPING and tracking! [​IMG]

    I am only selling assorted right now because I don't have enough birds in each pen to sell selectively. My birds are penned according to color though so eggs marked A & M will hatch A & M, eggs marked Jumbo Brown WILL hatch Jumbo Brown. Now the Golden pen and the dark tibetan pen over white capped golden may throw some suprises. I have 2 golden hens in with a jumbo golden roo, but theres also a tuxedo hen, and a jumbo brown curly gene carrier hen in there as well (unsure if the jumbo brown culry hen is laying yet but the tuxedo deffiantly is).

    All pens are proove fertile now so I feel comfortable selling them.

    I collect for 3 days then send out. I ship UPS with tracking, I pack so that theres little to NO movement as much as I can. So far I have had a great shipping record would like to keep it that way.
    *many NEW and interesting colors will be available for hatching in just a few weeks time (the wonders of fast maturing birds)! Reds, red tibes, orange tibes etc.* also am willing to ship live birds and older chicks will hatch specifically for a live shipping order

    ALL eggs are marked so you know what pen they came from

    I can only accept money orders or cashier checks, NO PAY PAL. PM if interestesd please! [​IMG]

    *my jumbo brown roo*

    *my one dark tibetan hen*

    *my white capped golden roo*

    *my jumbo golden roo*

    *golden hen*

    *large jumbo brown hen*

    *my A & M roo*

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