20+ olive eggs-Cochin Stndrd/bantam/frizzle/polish/silkie/EE/Amaracaun

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    Mar 16, 2009
    onchiota NY
    20+ eggs-very fertile mix!! The 23$ includes shipping and delivery confirmation:). The weather is warming up Sat high 30-40s for the coming week-I wasnt going to do anymore shipments but had another request for shipment Sat-So I can do another 2 sets by Sat shipment. Thses will be the last shipments I will do for probably the rest of the winter.( Besides the ones that have been previously scheduled)
    If you are interested just Pm me and let me know and Paypal 23 to [email protected] Ill add you to the list for Sat shipments-Thanks everyone for your interests:)

    Here are some pictures of just "some" of my birds that are together and laying up a storm..woo-hoo

    My daily collection:)

    Baby girl "M.C." ( Mini-chicken) she is a doll -so loveable
    Black standard cochin [​IMG]
    "Blueberry" Blue standard cochin [​IMG]
    "Sissy" Blue Amaracauna [​IMG]
    olive egger 1/2 amaracauna 1/2 BCM [​IMG]
    more fuzzy butts outside yesterday [​IMG]
    Theres also WC polish-BO's-RIR-frizzles-mille fluer-bantam light brahama-bantam dark brahma-GLW-SLW


    "Pannini" bantam frizzled cochin [​IMG]
    "KFC" 1/2 Favorelle 1/2 Amaracauna [​IMG]
    "JJ" bantam burchin cochin [​IMG]
    "Pastor Mike" SL polish[​IMG]
    "Chuck Norris" buff silkie [​IMG]

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