20+ Pure Breed Assortment (See Details) ~RC RIR Included~ NPIP

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    OUR INCUBATORS ARE FULL! so we are offering this weekends gather to you. We have noticed a few folks looking for Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds so thought we would give you guys a chance at one of the very few times we will be offering them this year. Along with an assortment of our pure breed bantams. As of now we have:
    4 - Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds
    4 - Milli Fleur D'Uccles
    3 - Crele OEGB
    5 - Lemon Blue MGB (PQ) ~getting close though~
    4 - Silver Blue OEGB (Switched roos about a month ago and ferility on current test hatch is about 50%)

    Other than noted fertility is running 90% or better. Feel free to ask any questions and for more pics of our Stock please visit our website.

    If payment recieved before 10 pm Monday Night Eggs will go out Tuesday including all eggs gathered tomorrow. (will include any cochins eggs also) ~pen 1 - Black Frizzle Roo over 2 Blue Smooth hens and one Dilute Splash hen~ ~Pen 2 - Blue Smooth Roo paired with a Black frizzle hen~

    The rain slacked up so i snuck out there and got a picture of one of the Rhode Island pairs.




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    Aw this would be a great assortment if I had the broody and incubator space. Darn! Pretty birds though!

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