20+ silkie hatching eggs, in lavender,painted,cuckoo,splash. Auction!


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
I have 20+ what ever they have before shipping hatching eggs. they are out of my lavender and painted, cuckoo,spash pens they are in there own pens so they are not in mix colors. you will get pure colors. my painred pen colors are black, amd painted. I got very nice painted chicks out of this pen. my lavenders are in with porclian,lavender and two showgirls so you may get some showgirls in this pen. cuckoos are all cuckoos. splash is splash.which you still could get blues,black.I can not guarrentee hatching But we got 95% hatch here @ my farm. shipping is extra. all are breaded. and of very nice quality. if you have any queastion please feel free to ask. I am a close farm. eggs will be ready to ship as soon as they are paid for can pay with paypal only. or if close can come pick up. shipping is 16.00. thank you for look @ my chicks ! like to ship on Monday!
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Its an Auction!
it will end @ midnight and my time is eastern. and sure will keep you posted and how many eggs we get if I can't fit the eggs in one box then we will ship in two boxes and that will be an extra shipping But I will try very hard to get all in one box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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