20 split lav silkie eggs-possible lavs!!!! BIN includes shipping!!!


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Hi guys these were for the chickenstock auction today but ALOT of people did not want to hatch out anymore eggs-too cold up here and I have eggs Im already incubating so I cannot take these:-( My loss your gain...The most recent batches of eggs from these new breeders I started selling again have AMAZING fertility even after being shipped-85-90% veining!!! YOU WILL GET EXACTLY 18 EGGS-no more no less-PLEASE IGNORE SHIPPING OF 12$ ITS INCLUDED IN BUY IT NOW PRICE-i NEED THESE TO GO AND DONT WANT TO EAT THEM:-(
My splits are grown and they are laying their own eggs!!! So I have a pen of 7 birds-2 roos 5 hens. They are all black Lav splits. If you hatch out a black chick then its either a split again or a pure black silkie-or you won the jackpot and have a pure lavender or two that may hatch:)
Your chances are as follows
50% splits ( black)
25% lavs ( pure lavs)
25% pure blacks again

I will ship out Tuesday-delivery confirmation included-I have never had a bad shipment-those who have bought these eggs in the past will tell you Im a packing freak ( I shipped 40+ shipments this past Winter) I cannot guarantee the fertility/growth of eggs once they leave my house though:-( Shipping is always a risk...In the mean time here are some photos of the birds when they were younger...They got to free-range all Summer and have been "together" for 7 weeks now-so they are very pure:)



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Don't let this one get by people. Most of my eggs are developing. Great fertility. Only one had a broken air cell. I bought 10 and she sent me 18......

I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
thanks Reese!!! I love it when people Pipe in on auctions with happines from their eggies:)
ahhhhh LOL thats great!!!!!! Thanks for letting me know--wow I have to say I have had amazing luck with shipping these guys-they are the perfect size for how I pack my eggs-I almost dont want to sell the larger eggs...hehe thanks BC!!!
Im actually surprised:-( Ive never offered this many at this price. Its all good aces should I plug in your new bator and fire them up??? hahaha
Sorry it took me so long, I had to beg the hubby first. YAY!!!!

My paypal is [email protected], please send me an invoice so I can pay for these as quickly as possible. WOHOOOO!
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