20+ Texas A&M quail eggs NPIP "original bloodlines"


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Jun 4, 2010
Up for sale is 24 of our NPIP Texas A&M white quail eggs. These are the "original bloodline" that came from the game bird farm that raised this bird before they closed their doors last year. We've had these same bloodlines for over 3 years and we hand select the very biggest birds for our breeders. We do charge more but what you are getting is the best bloodline you can get for the Texas A&M quail for your money. We get $1 an eggs with NO EXTRA'S. What we will do HERE AND ONLY HERE is charge you for 20 eggs and will ship you out 24 fresh & fertile eggs. We've only joined this site about 10 days ago and CANNOT stay off of it so we'll lower our prices for you hard working people. If you don't wanna wait until auction is over contact me and we'll give you the same price as we have them listed here just mention your username and we'll fix you right up. Their are pics on our website www.TexasAMquaileggs.com add your link to our link page PLEASE. S&H is $13 and eggs will be shipped the next mon.-wed. so you won't get your eggs stuck at the past office over the weekend. Check out the link page for other kind of birds/eggs your looking for. I Thank you for your time. TexasAMquaileggs.com
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