20 YR. OLD U2 HATCHED CHICKEN EGG! Breaking broody U2 & Treating U2 with Corvid?

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    Hi there!
    I'm new to the forum, and posted about my U2 hatching a chicken egg for the first time.

    The same day the blue Americauna egg hatched (the cochin egg did not hatch, and the d'Uccles egg was infertile), I got 8 day old chicks (4 white silkies & 4 Mille Fleir d'Uccles). Good thing, too, because BlueEgg is not lonely in the brooder.

    Well, here we are 2 weeks later, and despite me cleanign the brooder several times per day and keeping everything very clean, it looked like one chick was having diarrhea from coccidiosis, so I got everybody on liquid Corvid (sp?)

    I've taken Birda (my U2) in to visit the chicks about once per day and have tried to be very diligent about preventing cross-contamination to prevent Birda from being exposed to anything (in 20 years, she's never been sick, halleluyah!). She does not touch them, and she likes them, but she's more interested in laying and sitting than interacting with chicks.

    I should also say that I DID, in the last 2 months, take her to the vet for a well-check, a CBC, and a chlamydia syrology so she could have a green light for boarding (just in case, since I just had major surgery and have 2 more surgeries to get done a.s.a.p.)


    1) How can I break her of her broodiness, which has been continuous, non-stop, relentless since I've had her these last 18 years, and

    2) I am observing her stool to make sure she did not get sick, too. Her visits were all very brief- less than 5 minutes per day-, but if she does show signs, is it possible to also put her on the same stuff the chicks are on, and if so, WHAT DOSAGE should I use for her?

    I'd SO appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!

    P.S. In case you'd like a link to the original thread about her and the chicken eggs, here is the link!


    Here is a large image of my profile pic- it's Birda incubating BlueEgg! I am so in love with BlueEgg & hope s/he's not a rooster so I can keep him/her! S/he's my firstborn!!!


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