200 sq ft of outside for 20 chickens? And what about sun protection?

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    Hi! I am brand new, as of today! I am so happy to find you all here! Cool! Anyway, my friend and I are planning to have 15-20 chickens in a 200 sq ft outdoor (penned in) space. Not sure how big our indoor space is. The space is a former chicken coop (her grandparents old place, now hers) in Northern CA. I am wondering about waste/muck and what I can anticipate. Is that enough space for them all, and what is the waste situation like (how do you manage) in dry season and rainy season? I apologize if I can find these answers already posted, but I have been reading for a while and am getting a little overwhelmed. I want to take good care of the chickens! And my four little kids at the same time....
    Thanks for your help, Sarah
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  2. Having outdoor platforms makes a huge difference in wet or snowy weather. It's one way to enlarge your square footage too, ensuring that your birds have year-round access to light and exercise...are you planning to roof?

    Pics in our home page, below. [​IMG]
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    That should be a good amount of out side space. That should give you at least 20 square feet per bird, which is about what I have in my run, they see m to get along just fine. Alot of people say you only need 10 square feet out side per bird, but personally I think that's a little small.

    Good luck!

    The more space you had per bird the easier your cleaning will be. My run is now dirt/sand since the chicken ate all the grass. It's easy to just rack the poop to one end and clean it out. (I throw the poo in the compost for next years gardens)
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    Yountville....OMG, I know where you are, and I know the story of you town (I know super scary)
    I think that should be good space. I would give them a few "roosts" or platforms. I know my girls love to get up on things, and it gives them a little more so called space inside the run, and a way to get off of wet ground when it rains.
    I don't believe you get snow there, unless some cooky storm comes through. I would keep access to a coop during the day. I know my girls go in and out, and it allows them somewhere dry if it rains. As for a covering or sun protection, I built my coop up of the ground using concrete block. They spend a lot of time under there, and I have felt the temperature drop under there, stays nice and cool for them on hot days. I know someone that used a tarp over part of the run top to keep a moving shade area in the coop.
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    what do you mean about "platforms" outside the coop? Do you have pics of those?


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