2009/2010 Seed Train. Swap Flowers, Veggies, Herbs

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Last years seed swap was such a HUGE success, there was no doubt we would do it again. Here are the rules copied from the other thread. ..was thinking of adding another rule.. well, not a rule but an option. I remember last year I was sending seeds to the same folks over and over again... What if we wait 2 weeks til we ship. That way we can combine orders??? tell me what you think


1.) Person A offers a packet of seeds. Packet can contain any number, but please try to send at least 6. Person B likes what is offered and says "I'll take those and in turn offer..." Person C likes those and offers another packet of seeds.

2.) To qualify for accepting an offer, you need to post what you are offering in return in the same post.

3.) When each trade is posted, please pm or email the person who offered the seeds and work out the shipping arrangements.

4.) The person receiving the seeds will pay no shipping because the person who sends them will have received their seeds without paying shipping as well. Shipping should be less on these than on the egg swaps, because the weight and packaging is so much less. This will keep the thread moving along without a lot of complications.

5.) Try to be as specific as possible about the seeds. If you know the zones where they grow, list 'em. If you know for a fact the seeds grew in your garden last year, list where you are

6) Seeds do not need to be heritage/heirloom/home-grown. If you have extra seeds from a seed order, go ahead and offer 'em.

(thanks to Shelleyd2008, since I stole her wording for the rules from the Crazy Quail / Gamebird Swap )

And I'll start it off with offering the orange cosmos I received from last years swap
It grew so huge and healthy, the compliments came all Spring and Summer ...and they are STILL in full bloom


It'll be a sandwich baggy with plenty of seeds ...like 1,000
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Will definately be joining in on this one again. Boyfriend has a garden that will need to be beautified again, since someone ripped out and stole most of his stuff this year. I'll have a lot of different types of ornamental peppers, since this year mom and I were both collecting different ones from different vendors!
MsBear I love seeing that beautiful orange cosmos did so well for you! Ironically, our weather was too wet for ours, and they didn't bloom at all this year. I still have plenty of seeds left, though
But I won't trade them.

I'll have packaged seeds to trade, I let the garden go to heck this summer and didn't save much of anything except the Purple Hyacinth Bean vines.

Glad to see this thread. I never make it to the sister sites. Always too busy on this one!
Oh, we just love them. And I noticed how much the bees love them too. I haven't seen them in my garden much till the zinnias, cosmos and sunflowers came... very nice.

Bettacreek, so sorry to hear about vandals in your garden. How bizarre. Usually, theives are into electronics and jewelery ..not vegetables
what IS this world coming to?
I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in native Colorado mountain grass seed? Mixture of timothy, brome, etc...I'll have to ask my husband to name the different types that grow in our fields and are dropping seed right now. If there's interest.
I would! I am creating little "pasture pockets" in the back yard. My plan is to fence these off, and once the plants are going, occasionally let the ducks in to snack, then re-fencing them so the plants can recover.
I would love the cosmos please.

I will offer a half baggie of hollyhocks (mixed colors). They grow about 6 ft tall.
I am glad this is going again. I dont need any holly locks. I have some seeds from them already. Need things like Mallow, Convolvous, Marigold, Nemophilia, Foxglove, Pansy, Viola, Nasturtiums, and a few other things. Cant wait to see!
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